Like you, MARV LANDERS is comprised of professionals that have done the work you do every day. We have directly managed teams with some of the largest, industry leading distributors and retailers in the world and have been responsible for changing the environments in which we operated for the benefit of customers, shareholders and our companies. We have many years of experience and yet know that there is always more to learn. Today, we offer our knowledge as extended members of your team, assisting with strategy, digital, customer insights and more as you navigate the changing environment in which you operate. 

The name MARV LANDERS is derived from a character that was created years ago to represent the determined, hard working individual with a sense of humor and humility, characteristics that make work rewarding and enjoyable. We found that characters like MARV LANDERS thrived in an environment where we created a climate for action, one in which all activities benefited the customer, the company and the associate. When discussions stalled or our focus drifted, the need for thoughtful reasoning would result in someone requesting MARV LANDERS' input.


As you engage MARV LANDERS, we will interact with your organization as part of your team with the same aspirations as you. Maybe one day you too will be able to answer the question, "Who's Marv?".

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MARV LANDERS was created with the intention to offer the honest and thoughtful guidance leaders often seek throughout their careers. Examples are numerous in my own career where I benefited from seasoned professionals that had already experienced the same challenges I was facing and were able to offer alternatives.

With over twenty years leading organizations through digital growth, I have been fortunate to lead efforts for ecommerce, marketing, development, analytics, customer support, user experience, project management, customer insights, master data management and many more functions. All are important in achieving digital success and rely on the right people and strategy to effectively move an organization through significant strategic and operational changes.


Leading multi-billion dollar organizations through rapid changes on their own paths to digital success was second only to being part of the personal development of team members that excelled in an environment where we created a climate for action. Many of these leaders have gone on to lead other organizations through digital growth and I want to leave you with the same opportunities for success for your organizations, associates and customers.