"Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation." 

Milan Kundera, Novelist, Playwright and Poet

Regardless of your business, the future of your company depends on your ability to constantly innovate and to effectively tell the story of your innovation. Not to be misunderstood, operations are critical, but they are a necessary result of your innovation and marketing efforts.


Whether you're a distributor looking to develop a strategy, a manufacturer attempting to better connect with customers and suppliers or a technology provider trying to penetrate the B2B market, MARV LANDERS can provide guidance to help you achieve your goals.



Are you able to clearly articulate your organization's strategy? Can both your senior leaders and ground engaged associates identify the primary objectives of company stakeholders? 

We will ensure the vision and tactics are clear and that team alignment exists. By defining the financial, customer and internal perspectives of the strategy and all associated tactics to support each element, your organization will be able to more effectively align their efforts in support of the overall goals. Take this opportunity to define your critical objectives and see how success or failure in any one of those areas will impact your overall strategic ecosystem. 


Is there a single document that every associate can reference that outlines your strategy? Who on your team is responsible for the internal communication plan to expose your strategy? If three associates are asked to define the organization's strategy, will they all provide the same answer?

Let us develop the materials that will become your reference guides to the strategy you've defined. We will help to create a living document and a communication plan that together will serve as the tools to ensure all functional plans align with the overall strategy.


How many priorities are left unattended in your organization? What is realistic to achieve given your current resources and market impacts? How much more growth and profitability could be achieved with everyone focused on only the most important goals?

We can challenge your team to think differently, to consider how doing less very well may achieve more than spreading resources too thin across non-critical activities. See how ensuring that every task be tied to the strategy can give you the basis for de-prioritizing unnecessary work.



Are you crystal clear on the underlying root causes of customer or associate dissatisfaction? Can you point to the exact steps in highly traveled journeys that create the most pain for customers and associates? 

Let us observe customer interactions in an effort to uncover all of the touch points, both obvious and behind the scenes, that indicate an opportunity exists to improve satisfaction. We'll deliver a detailed journey map that exposes steps in the customer journey, including internal processes, that result in dissatisfaction and ultimately, customer defection.   


How often do you receive unsolicited feedback and how do you organize that feedback so that actions can be taken? Do you struggle to effectively turn survey responses into action? How do you measure the impact of changes you make when addressing customer feedback?

Feedback comes from many sources and channels throughout the day, but few organizations are capturing that information in a way that helps to define the scope and severity of issues, thus leading to inaction. We will define a feedback process that ensures information is both collected and acted upon in a way that focuses on problem resolution by attacking the root cause of the issue. 


How well can you assess how much customer satisfaction has changed over time? What type of scoring model do you utilize to measure satisfaction for both customers and associates? How do you know if the actions you are taking are improving satisfaction?

Satisfaction scoring is just the start; we'll uncover the best ways for your organization to utilize scoring methods in a way that will not only inform, but also drive behaviors.  



Where are digital solutions helping to drive satisfaction and profitability? To what extent are you missing opportunities to leverage existing technologies? How well are your processes and systems integrated to enable growth? 

Let us uncover areas that require attention through the completion of a comprehensive audit of all business processes and capabilities.  We'll pull back the covers and expose opportunities in everything from data management, collaboration, ecommerce, integrated solutions and more.


Have you optimized your ecommerce solutions for the benefit of customers, suppliers and associates? Do you have a plan on how to best utilize each selling channel? Are you serving the right segments with your solutions? 

From generating site traffic to displaying delivery status and everything in between, we can evaluate all areas of your customer facing solutions and the people and processes needed to execute at the highest levels. 


How do your customers know about the products and services you offer? What are you plans around acquisition, conversion, retention and reactivation? What steps are you taking to integrate sales and marketing efforts? 

Whether it's as simple as defining target segments or as complex as building predictive models to predict customers at risk, we can define the strategies and associated tasks and people required to be successful marketers.


Who defines data standards in your organization? How are teams held accountable to maintaining those standards? What is the health of your product, customer and other master data? 

Master data management can be overwhelming, but don't ignore one of your most valuable assets. We'll walk you through ways in which master data can be leveraged, how to protect yourself from data mismanagement and how best to involve teams for optimal master data management. 



How often do you and your leaders review and update your strategic plan? Is digital strategy the responsibility of one person or have you incorporated digital into every functional  teams' strategy? How do you ensure strategies are aligned?  

Let us be part of your strategic planning process with an eye on digital as a key component. We can challenge the legacy process of strategic planning with the goal of defining a repeatable process that integrates digital into every area of the business.   


Who is responsible for delivering on strategic initiatives? How are goals developed and what tools are used to ensure transparency to the entire organization? Can every associate point to the person and/or team ultimately responsible for delivering on the expectations established? 

Raising your hand to take responsibility is not always easy, but it's better than the lack of well defined expectations and owners. We will work with your teams to uncover the most effective ways in which to rally the troops behind critical goals so that everyone is clear on the desired outcomes and which people are on point for delivering winning outcomes and communicating statuses. 


Are you struggling to find the right talent to drive performance improvements?  Do you often wish you could bring someone in for just a few weeks/months to provide guidance on what steps to take next? Are you challenged to effectively assess the talent needed to lead your digital efforts?

Don't continue to move through decisions without the level of information you desire; instead, allow us to join your team for a short period to learn from the inside what is needed so we can make the best recommendations for long term leadership. We can build a framework for assessing talent and can interact with executives on the team to define their needs and expectations for their digital leaders. We can then participate in the candidate selection process and continue to support efforts during the on-boarding and transition period.   


When is the right time to consider being acquired? What questions will you have to answer when going through due diligence? How do you best prepare your company to be an attractive target? Where should you focus your efforts before you put your organization on the market?

In an environment where we continue to see consolidation among distributors, you must be prepared to shine when the light is placed on you. We will walk you through what to expect from the acquirer's perspective; you need to know what they value, why they value it and how important it is that each need be met. We'll help you understand how they may perceive your leadership team, capabilities, customer segments and financial performance. Get your organization prepared today for a possible acquisition rather than waiting to uncover necessary actions too late in the game to capture maximum value for you and your team.