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B2B Digital Leadership

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Leadership for distributors, manufacturers and technology providers seeking short-term guidance for long-term results. 


Ensure the vision and tactics are clear and team alignment exists.

Are your financial, customer and internal perspectives defined and prioritized?


Uncover the pain points on your customers' primary interaction paths.

Are you attacking the underlying root cause of dissatisfaction or just the obvious symptoms?


Establish a plan to excel in an ever-changing environment.

Are you prepared to succeed with the right teams, data and solutions?


Tap into leaders that have already encountered many of your challenges.

Are you in need of new perspectives as you evaluate your next steps?





 "How do we get short-term advice from someone that won't attempt to burden us with years of dependencies on their resources?"

"Where can we find someone that provides guidance under a structure that is simple, one that relies on a fair assessment of our needs tethered to mutual accountability?"

"Who can offer access to resources that have been leaders with multi-billion dollar organizations that can help us to see things differently?"

"When will we be able to interact with advisers that understand that technology is only a small part of the solution, that it's the people, strategy, processes and communication that will drive real results?"

How are you responding to these issues?



VP of Business Development

"We struggle to define our strategy, communicate it in a way that drives the appropriate actions and often find ourselves losing focus on what is really important to the business. We can't seem to consistently improve performance in most areas and look back at the end of the year and realize that not much about how we run our business has changed, even though the environment outside is changing rapidly. It is clear that we need a different perspective on how to move forward."

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"For so many years, we relied on our incredible sales and operations teams to serve our customers and grow our business. Things have changed and we're now feeling pressure from the giants as they invest in new service and solutions platforms that are setting new expectations for what a professional relationship looks like today. We will need to make the necessary investments in people and technology if we're going to survive."

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Director of Purchasing

"I've been facing the same problems with my supplier for years, but they can't seem to fix things. They do a great job of making things right whenever there is an issue; I just wish they would get to the real cause of the problem so issues would stop altogether. I can't imagine how much they would save in operations and how much more satisfied and loyal their customers would be if they only understood both me and their own processes better."

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VP of Digital

"Wow, the way the business operates today is much different than the way we did things five years ago! We are struggling to assist our distributors with their digital efforts and as a result we are both finding it difficult to manage our product data, provide real-time information, expose our products to more customers and find the talent to manage the business moving forward. We really need to find someone that can infuse some insights about how to win in the new digital age."

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Founder and President

"Last I checked, we have one of the best tools in the market to help our customers win business and better manage their operations; how is it that we can't seem to get the traction we need to at least evaluate our solutions? Right now, we need someone that has industry experience to provide guidance on ways we can enhance our opportunities and to prepare us to manage the business successfully after the road map has been refreshed."